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Tractive Hydraulic Pre Load Adjuster Plus Spring (2014-on) RRP 386

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This useful product has been designed & manufactured for us by Tractive Suspension, in Nederlands, to fit all KTM 690 Enduro rear OEM White Power shocks,both E & R models from 2009-2013. It will allow the preload to be adjusted by up to 15mm with the simple turning of a knob on the remote adjuster, which adjusts the preload on the spring by means of hydraulic pressure. The remote adjuster knob can be rotated approximately 20 turns to achieve the full movement of the preload piston travel. The knob has a "click" every half-turn to aid setting. It is a very simple, quick way to adjust the preload when carrying extra luggage, or a passenger, or going from street to off-road travelling. No more hammering away at the OEM preload adjuster locknut, and struggling to turn it. Simple to fit, and no maintenance required. Supplied with all fixings. Tractive Pt.No. 73KT08-H4X04 NOTE: ONLY TO FIT OEM KTM WP SHOCK FROM 2009-2013 WILL NOT WORK WITH OUR STAINLESS SHOCK COLLAR ON OEM WP SHOCK WILL WORK WITH OEM WP SPRING OR OUR STIFFER REAR SPRINGS