RB750 Rally - Electric Roadbook Holder


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Roadbook paper rolls up to 48mm thick and 150mm wide.

Build in aluminium for high mechanical resistance.

High water and dust resistance for severe conditions use.

Aluminium and highly transparent polycarbonate cover with a view area of 150x105mm.

Double cover lock.

Double transmission for high performance and reliability.

Atractive design.

Mounting kit for 12mm crossbars with vibration absorption.

All cables are provided with IP67 connectors.

Remote control with :

Forward and backward robust switch;

Mounting kit for 22m tubular handlebars;

Dimensions : 205x130x80 mm (excluding knobs)

Weight : 920 gr. (excluding remote and mounting kit)

Includes : Electric roadbook holder Mounting kit (RB757), Remote control (RB752), Electric connection kit (RB723), Spare cover lock belt (RB756).