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KTM 690 Enduro Fork Extension Kit-up to 2011 RRP 330

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This new kit has been specifically designed and manufactured by Tractive Suspension in Holland, exclusively for Rally-Raid Products, to compliment our 300mm travel rear shocks by increasing the standard 250mm or 275mm travel forks to give nearly 300mm stroke(same as an EXC). It is only for the earlier KTM 690 Enduro E & R models, up to 2011, with the compression adjuster in the bottom of the axle clamp. The kit includes new longer rebound adjuster tubes, piston spindles and 4,8Nm fork springs to give the increased stroke to achieve nearly 300mm front wheel movement.Also included are clamping tools to complete the work required, and extra preload packers. NOTE:THIS KIT IS NOT FOR THE LATER 690 FORKS WITH THE COMPRESSION ADJUSTER FACING REARWARDS AT AN ANGLE, This work can be carried out by anyone competent with fork disassembly and rebuilding, or if in doubt use a specialist suspension service company. It is a proper alternative to the previous option of buying second-hand EXC forks and fitting them to the KTM 690 Enduro.