701.LOW.LINK - Kouba Lowering Link


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I am now stocking the KTM8-1 Link from Kouba.

This link can be used on the 690 or 701 bikes but because they have slightly differing suspensions the amount of lowering is not equal.

Neither bikes require any additional modifications for mounting (ie no grinding necessary).

KTM 690 - 1" Lower Husqvarna 701 - 1.25" Lower

The links are CNC machined from billet aircraft grade aluminum.

You can read install instructions and sag setting recommendations directly from the Kouba website: KOUBA Disclaimer: Lowering the rear more than the front can change the geometry and could affect the handling.

Lessening the rear sag and/or sliding the front fork tubes up will make it turn quicker but be less stable on the straits and visa versa. ​