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CI Control is the piece of our navigation set, which sets it apart from any other on the market. CI Control is a BLE (BluetoothLowEnergy) programmable controller, which allows you to operate an Android device without the need to touch the screen. On an motorcycle, ATV or a bicycle, its default position is right next to your handlebar grip, which makes it easily accessible without the need to let go off our handlebar. Since the controlling elements are literary at your finger tip, you can have your Android device execute the predefined commands without the need to take your eyes off the road / terrain and once executed, you only need a quick glance at the screen to see the results. This process takes a fragment of the time otherwise required to operate a touch screen. This functionality gets especially handy on a motorcycle, ATV or in other situations, where it is difficult (gloves) or dangerous (riding, cycling) to operate a touchscreen. You can use CI Control either in conjunction with e.g. an Android phone that you might use on your bike for navigation already, or with our CI Pad.


  1. 7 programmable buttons (4 direction switches with center-push and 2 separate buttons);
  2. Short and long presses, i.e. 14 different commands can be preset;
  3. Customizable long press delay;
  4. Rapid-repeat function;
  5. Support for complete alpha-numeric keyboard, volume and media buttons and Android Intent broadcasts *;
  6. Connects to Android devices via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy);
  7. Supported on most Android 5 through Android 9 systems;
  8. No cables required for operation – easy installation, easy on and off the bike, easy swaps between bikes;
  9. Waterproof USB-C port for charging and firmware upgrades;
  10. Rechargeable Li-ion battery;
  11. Weeks of operation on a single charge;
  12. Thickness merely 24mm (if placed right beside the OEM controls, both CI Control and OEM controls will still be within reach on most bikes);
  13. Quick-release system (if you have more bikes, just get an extra bracket for each bike and swap the CI Control between them in seconds).
  • intent broadcasts currently not supported on CI Pad v1 and possibly other Android devices. That still allows for controlling Locus and other apps by touch controls, alphanumerical keyboard shortcuts and media button inputs.