Carpe Iter Pad V3


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Carpe Iter Pad V3
Carpe Iter Pad V3
Carpe Iter Pad V3
Carpe Iter Pad V3
Carpe Iter Pad V3
  • GPS Navigation – online and offline;
  • GPS enabled mapping online and offline source viewer to replace traditional paper maps;
  • Electronic Rally Roadbook and rally Tripmaster with additional software – Rally Navigator Reader Mobile app (free, support coming soon) or MDR Rally Roadbook for Android (free) – can replace traditional paper rally roadbook for amateur class rally races;
  • Smartphone;

Electronic Rally Roadbook functionality depends on the the source data to be available in supported formats (please see for details here).

Currently, the CI Pad uses GPS data as a source for the rally Tripmaster.
Front wheel sensor is in development.

Essentially, the CI Pad is a robust, vibration-, dust- and water-resistant, GNSS and touch screen enabled Android phone/tablet. It features everything you would expect from such a device, i.e. Android users will find a very familiar environment and control elements, which will let you jump right into using the CI Pad without any learning curve.

Beyond your usual Android tablet, the CI Pad sports number of improvements to make it work far better in the environment, where it is intended to be most of the time – mounted on your bike or ATV.

The most important differences are:

  1. Industrial grade – built tough;
  2. Alloy chassis;
  3. Tested to withstand drop from 1,8m and 2 ton shock pressure;
  4. 1000 nits (ccd) display to make the screen readable in direct sunlight;
  5. Factory installed 9H film to enhance readability and provide extra layer of protection to the display;
  6. Watertight charging port;
  7. USB OTG;
  8. Boosted charging capability to ensure that even with GPS turned on and screen brightness dialed all the way up, you never run out of juice (when attached to correctly wired CI holder);
  9. GSM / WCDMA / LTE – you can leave your phone at home, if you slot in your cloned sim card;
  10. Huge battery to let you enjoy the benefits of the CI Tablet off the bike for many hours. CI Pad for 2020, marked as v3, has completely new chipset and runs on Android 8


CI Pad v3 Specifications 

Specifications for 2019 version (markes as v1):

CI Pad v1 Specifications 

Maybe this is not appealing for everyone, but we prefer a single device that can handle several separate functions, rather than bringing a bag full of electronics along on our trips. And this is the main idea behind the CI Pad – navigation device, which can also replace your mobile phone and tablet and also paper rally roadbook, should you choose to take part in an amateur roadbook rally race. A device, which can be used both on and off the bike and not only for navigating, but for anything else you would wish to have a tablet nearby. And when travelling outside your home country, it’s really great to be able to get a cheap pre-paid sim card at a fueling station and just slot it into the CI Pad. That lets you stay on-line and make calls for just local charges and not be limited to Wi-Fi hotspots (which are, by the way, pretty scarce e.g. in the mountains:-)), while still being reachable on your cell phone.