If your dream is to arrive in Dakar, our Honda CRF450 Rally Replica is the right vehicle for you! Reliability, lightness and speed



Main Features:
Full Rally Navigation Tower
Plug&Play (NO welding, NO Drilling)
ERTF GPS/IRITRACK Antennas Brackcet
Roadbook Holder Bracket (MigTec/MD/F2R)
IRITRACK Bracket Ready
Fuse Box and Ultrapower Led Lights Kit
Adjustable Instruments Height and Inclination
Fairing Quick Release Buckles and Brackets included
Screen CRF 450 Rally Style

2x8L (4,22 Gal) front gas tank

Main Features:
Rotational-moulded tank kit connected with rear tank using our billet adaptor system, each tank is fitted with its own fuel tap, so they can be independently turned on or off. Both tanks are supplied with Cap & breather.  

Both tank are very easy to remove in a couple of minutes, for routine maintenance

2x5L (2,64gal) rear gas tank

Main Features:
Our custom designed Rear Fuel Tank to fit CRF450RX, offers 10 litres extra capacity. The moulded fuel tank has been designed to follow the shape of the CRF450 bodywork. 

Both tank are very easy to remove in a couple of minutes, for routine maintenance

carbon bash plate

Carbon skid plate for CRF450 RX RR made of prepreg.aeronautical carbon.
The use of the paramotor protects against the impact of the cradle when the protruding obstacles are overcome.
The bash plate includes 3L of water and space for tools

complete exhaust systems

For our kit we have turned to a leading company specialized in the production of exhaust terminals that is distinguished by a guarantee of reliability and robustness, paying particular attention to the quality of the materials used; all this to ensure a quality product with a constant and advanced development on the materials to be adopted in the various national and international competition fields


You do not have to worry about drilling holes in the frame, our "Plug & Play" system simply and quickly mounts the motorcycle

Available configurations

Adventure Light

Kit installable on the models CRF450: L/XR
1. Aluminum navigation tower compatible with OEM lights and instrumentation without frame modifications 
2. USB charger and GPS supports
3. Transparent HRC Style Plexiglass
4. Plastic front side fairing panels 
5. Plastic front tanks (16 liters real capacity), complete with plastic caps
6. Carbon bash plate
7. Full exhaust system
8. Tank assembly kit (cnc brackets, manifolds, petrol pump bases, petrol hoses etc etc)
9. Graphics kit

rally replica

Kit installable on the models CRF450: RX

1. Rally Expert 3 Evo Tower complete with two LED lights (PIAA etc etc) ready for the assembly of the race equipment (excluded) such as Roadbook, ICO, SpeedoCap, Antennas, Iritrack, etc etc, it mounts without changing the bike, using the system patented and tested MST "NoDrill"
2. HRC Style transparent Plexiglass
3. Front fairing sides panels in molded plastic
4. Two plastic front tanks (16 liters real capacity), complete with CNC plugs
5. Two plastic rear tanks (estimated capacity 12 liters), complete with CNC plugs
6. Tank assembly kit (cnc brackets, manifolds, petrol pump bases, petrol hoses, etc.)
7. Carbon bash plate with 3 liters water tank made in plastic
8. Full racing exhaust system
9. Rally CNC triple clamps made in Ergal 7075
10. XTrig Risers
11. Ø28.6 handlebar
12. Increased water radiators complete with silicone pipes, Febur
13. Additional oil cooler system with direct connections to the engine bench (cnc oil filter cap)
14. Custom Chart Kit