TripMaster XL³

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Software Functions: 2x individually adjustable trips, A and B Each with a selectable resolution of 100m or 10m.

Trip B can be switched off.

Speed display, current speed, top speed, wheel circumference adjustable with 1mm accuracy.

Automatic wheel calibration function.

Integrated odometers.

Resettable “oil change” odometer,

Static/non-resettable lifetime odometer 24-hour,

Clock Hardware Design:

CNC machined aluminium casing anodised in dark matte gunmetal;

Sun visor integrated into the casing, no more ugly duct-tape solutions!

2 flush click-feedback membrane buttons on the left side for easy pressing even when wearing gloves.

Water and dust proof.

Also applies to connectors for wheel, remote and power large, wide and contrast-strong 18mm tall digits.

Perfect readability under bright sunlight and dust.

Battery operation with a runtime of several months (1x CR2032, not included).

External 12V power supply required to operate the light blue LED backlight.

Includes: Front wheel sensor (M8 screw type), Strong neodym wheel magnet, Power connector, Mounting parts: grommets, washers and nuts.

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