701.FPRO - Factory Pro Shift Kit


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Virtually eliminate missed shifts and false neutrals all while giving you a bike that's a much more positive animal when going through the gears. ​

Factory Pro's KTM 690 Shift Kit (also fits the Husky 701 Enduro) should be on your list of to dos in the near future.

We've heard complaints regarding the shifting action of the 690, not many but those who beat that bike down have reported some issues.

This is their fix and it might be yours.

​There's three versions available.

One with a Stainless Steel Ball Bearing, one with a 7 ball Ceramic Bearing, and the ultimate in performance with a 20 ball Ceramic Bearing.

Those who are curious, Ceramic Ball Bearings stay cooler and resist deterioration due to corrosion better than Stainless Steel.

Changing the Oil can make, maybe a 10% difference, but Factory Pro's Shift Kit makes more like a 90% difference.

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